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House Keeping
When you need regular house cleaning services on a schedule that works for you, turn to Sears Maid Services. Our staff members are trained and background checked, and our service provides are bonded and insured. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, or other living areas that you need cleaned, our professional home cleaners will leave your home looking great.

Sears Maid Services knows the difficulty of consistently keeping a home clean and tidy. With the stress of work, the demanding schedules of children, and a busy social life, it’s easy for your home to fall into disarray. Kitchens collect grime and ovens and microwaves become filthy. Toilet bowls, tubs, and showers accumulate soap scum and need to be cleaned. Floors, hallways, bedrooms, and railings all collect dust that needs to be vacuumed or dusted.

These chores take time, and, over the weeks and months, they drain a significant portion of your schedule. Our appointments are flexible and designed to fit your needs and schedule. We offer a variety of scheduling options to suit several lifestyle needs.

Take back your time by having a professional maid service take care of these chores for you. That way, your home will look great, and you’ll have the time to enjoy it.

Sears Maid Services is committed to carefully cleaning the highly trafficked areas of your home, including those areas that tend to gather more dirt and grime than others. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of how we tackle each room of your home.

Offered Services

For all Areas

For all Areas

In every area, Sears Maid technicians will sweep, mop, or vacuum all floors. We’ll also dust baseboards, window sills, frames, lampshades, and other miscellaneous items, emptying all wastebaskets on our way out. We’ll also spot-clean walls, light switches, and clean all mirrors.

The Kitchen

Due to all the cooking and eating that takes place in the kitchen, this room accumulates a fair amount of dirt, food scum, and grease that sticks to surfaces in the kitchen, some of which, like the microwave or oven hood, are extremely difficult to clean. While in the kitchen, our associates will clean and sanitize all countertops and backsplashes, clean the range hood surface, spot-clean cabinet exteriors, and clean kitchen appliances like the microwave.


From soap scum to the toothpaste that stains sinks, bathrooms can become unpleasant if not regularly cleaned. Once on the scene, Sears Maid professionals will clean the toilet, all sinks, countertops, and your shower and tubs.
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Bedrooms and Living Areas

Over time, dust collects on nearly every surface in your home. To counter the allergy-causing effects of dust and its general unpleasantness, our maid technicians will dust all surfaces, as well as thoroughly vacuum all carpeted flooring. We’ll also sweep and mop any hard floor areas, whether they’re made of vinyl, tile, or wood.
Need a little more than the usual service? Consider our Deep Cleaning Service. This option goes the extra mile for times of the year when the house gets particularly dirty, like autumn or spring cleaning.

Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning Schedules
We understand that our customers have different cleaning needs depending on their lifestyle and how frequently they’re at home. It may be that you’re in need a one-time, thorough cleaning to refresh your home after the long winter. On the other hand, you may have a very busy home that’s highly trafficked by children and pets. In this case, you may need a more regular cleaning schedule to keep the house looking great.

In any event, Sears Maid Services offers the following cleaning schedules to suit your needs:
  • One-Time Cleaning: We know that sometimes a home needs one deep clean to return it to great condition. Maybe the winter is ending and you need a cleaning to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated during the colder months, or you may need that vacation home cleaned after it’s been shut down for a few months. Whatever the reason for needing cleaning, our technicians will be on the job to give your home the meticulous cleaning you want. If you're happy with the service, you can consider having a more regular cleaning schedule.
  • Weekly Cleaning: When you need regular cleaning to take care of the consistent mess left behind from children or pets, Sears Maid Services offers a weekly cleaning service to ensure that your home continues to be clean and look good from week to week.
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning: For a regular cleaning that’s a little less frequent, we offer cleaning services for every other week.
  • Monthly Cleaning: If you’re not getting as much use out of your home as before or perhaps if the kids have left the nest, you may only need an occasional cleaning to keep your home fresh. Sears Maid Services has you covered with our monthly cleaning service.

Green Cleaning Products & Eco-friendly Cleaning

In the past few years, our customers have grown increasingly attentive to the chemicals used in home cleaning products—and so have we. We understand that the use of eco-friendly cleaning products in the home is important to some customers. That’s why Sears Maid Services offers our green cleaning option for those who specifically want their home cleaned with environmentally friendly products.

If you request the green cleaning option, we’ll still perform all of our usual cleaning services, but we’ll also be sure to use our green line of cleaning products when cleaning your home. For the green cleaning option, we only use products that the EPA has deemed a green product—that is, a product about which, "scientific evidence demonstrates that human health or environmental impacts have been significantly reduced in comparison with other products that serve the same purpose." If a cleaning product has not been endorsed by the EPA, we don’t use it for green cleaning.

The best part of requesting the green cleaning option? There’s no additional cost. All of our services are rendered just as they would be normally with the use of green products, with no extra charge to you.

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